Monday, 11 January 2010

Our Wonderful Wedding Day

I am so lucky I have such clever friends. The photographs are all the work of Ros Nichols, my bouquet is the work of Tim Nichols. All the dresses and the girls ragdolls are the work of Erica duRand and the centrepiece at the reception, namely the wedding cake is the work of Margaret Goodall. To Thank them seems wholly inadequate.

Under the thumb? He wishes!!

The gorgeous girlies (sorry about the old duck in the middle)

My middle child, eldest son and the Old Lady

Evening Table Arangements

As you can see I've been a bit busy getting myself married. After so much heartache it was an awsome and very moving day. This was our stunning wedding cake made by a forum friend and my CyberMummy

The small cake in a box were my day time table arrangements, templates from Artyfarty