Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sn@t & Tears

I'm not supposed to be here!! Not fair! Not fair!

I was off to sunny West Sussex on Sunday morning, made it to Wincanton on the 303 and disaster! My car started with a serious wheel wobble, lost power and drank fuel! I nursed poor Rennie home and then promptly burst into tears! So what do us girls do when we are miserable? We MAKE a handbag!

So with lots of moooooocuusssssss and tears I went into my workroom and dived into my stash. I found this lovely Kath Kidston handbag kit which was waiting for an excuse to be made. Of course I couldnt NOT embellish it, so I cut some daisies with my Bigshot in pink felt. I hope you like it.

On Saturday I went to the new Hobbycraft Store in Newton Abbot, I was rather well behaved and didn't buy much. I had to buy a new needle felting tool coz silly mooo that I am I managed to cross thread mine and even Iron Man wouldn't be  able to undo it. I bought some silk to dye with alcohol inks and embelish with felt, I bought some alcohol inks in shades of blue's and greens.

Yesterday I went to the Heathcoats Factory Shop where my very naughty wicked stepdaughter works. I bought some Butterick patterns in the sale for £1.80 each WOW!, I alo bought some elastic, and assorted lengths of fabric to make into who knows what. I have been looking for a pattern to make some slobby yoga style pants from (I live and die around the house in these) and one of the Butterick patterns is for pyjama's and the troussers are just perfect yoga pants WHOOP WHOOP!

Hope my ramblings are vaguely interesting. Just one last note I am no longer on Facebook

Just to reply briefly to the comments made on this item: I will be making up some of these bags and putting on to my Folksy Site. The bag kit came from a book of Cath Kidston sewing projects, which also has the pattern sheet for all the projects. I was given the book as a gift and the bag kit came complete with fabric, Cath Kidston Label, in fact everything but sewing thread.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Upcycling Again

These cushions are, in my opinion upcycling gone mad! When I bought the fabric for my suite, the nice man was selling off his old pattern books at £2 each. So being the crafter that I am I loaded my donkey (aka Hewhothinkshe'stheBoss). So fully laden he struggled back to the car and my lovely cushions were born. The bolster has taken a bit of time as the squares are much smaller and fiddly. I have made the 6 square ones this week, so they weren't too bad.

I hope you like them

Thank You For Beeing My Teacher

After a lot of searching I had to give up and wave the white flag! I bought some beautiful cord for making Shamballa Style Bracelets with while I was staying with my friend Mags. I bought a fantastic turquiose colour cord to make this bracelet for the Anklebiters teacher Mrs P. Long story sideways I saw it on Saturday while looking for something else (is there a theme here?) I have since retraced my steps and I can't find it anywhere. So at stooopidd O'clock last nigt there was nothing for it but to use inferior lilac cord. I suppose it could have been worse, the little strawberry brooch was part of a magazine freebie. I just hope Mrs P doesn't think I'm a weirdo crafter -- of course you all know better!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Spot the difference!  The bottom picture is of my much loved and very battered sofa. It was good and sturdy (they don't make them like that anymore). Back in January I bought this fabulous upholstery fabric for the grand sum of £3 a metre! in a sale. Its rrp was £25 a metre so I bought loads of the stuff and my Dear Friend Erica came to help (she ended up having to do the lions share as my hands decided to give up!) I am really very pleased with the outcome and as loose covers they can be sent to the laundy for washing. So the top picture is of the finished result. I hope you like it and NO I won't be taking orders to do more!!

Some of My Crafty Bits

Just some jewellery wot I made
Well Hello There

I just don't know where the time has gone, we seem to have been so busy in the last few months and I just haven't got around to posting on here. The craft work has continued, and Himself has been busy building a new chill out room and we have had a massive decluttering. The ammount of 'stuff'' we have got rid of seems to have had its place refilled and I just don't know where it has all come from.

We have also spent a lot of time catching up with friends and enjoying their company. I am planning on visiting my good friend Mags next week and my other good friend Donna is planning to visit the week after.

I'm sure you all feel as I do about being stuck indoors because of the foul weather. I suppose the up side of it is that I have got a lot of my 'winter projects' done and in progress. The garden looks so sad, the fruit is rotting before it can ripen and the plants are all battered flat.

I hope that you are all keeping well and that you haven't got too blue either with the cold or with misery at the dreadful summer.