Tuesday, 11 October 2011

That Shirt and Tie Again!!!

Well it might not seem like it but O.H really does have more than one shirt and tie. Its just that he had to match me and not clash!!! This was us at the reception after my lovely Stepdaughters wedding.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Wooooo Hooooooooooooooooo!!

Sorry to have been 'missing' for so long. It seems to have been a catalogue of woes here at Sassie Acres. My laptop died and had to be replaced, the O.H has built me a new craftroom with lots of lovely cupboards and worktops. If I ever get it tidy I will post some pictures for you.

I have been kept very busy while I have been off-line making jewellery and preparing for my late husbands youngest daughters wedding, which was on Saturday. It was a very proud day and one I enjoyed immensly. The crafty streak is alive and well in the next generation. She made her dress, all her invites, orders of service, place names, favours (lovely little wine glass charms), bestmans waistcoats & cravats, bridesmaids dresses,flowers and the cake. No wonder I haven't seen her in an age.

Well, hopefully I shall get my workroom up and working really soon. I am sorting through boxes of lovely crafty stash that I had forgotten I'd got and getting re-aquainted with my Cricut which I didn't have room to leave out. I have even got room for my sewing machine again so I am really excited.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Memory Money Boxes

I bought these money boxes at Hobbycraft for the children and suggested we made them into memory money boxes by everyone signing their names on them so that they all had a lasting memory of a fabulous weekend and new friends. They are all in various stages of progress in these pictures. The children are going to use them to save up some money for the next time we all meet up to spend on some nice outings together. I think they are really lovely and hopefully half term will soon come round for a return visit.

Childs Charm Bracelet

some silver belcher chain, some charms and pretty beads from a visit to Hobbycraft in Woking. It also has one of my treasured feather charms on it. Bubbles got this as a Thank You for her help in putting up the new fence. She was up and down the garden carrying heavy watering cans of water, the concrete was going off so quickly and Ian very nearly got set in concrete and would have if it wasn't for his Chief Water Carrier. Top Banana!

Bubbles & Sass' Crafty Stuff

Sorry for the 'tongue in cheek' previous posting. I just couldn't resist a touch of mischief. Now for the serious stuff. On Saturday morning Bubbles and I were home alone, Mum and Ian had gone to Wicks for fence 'stuff' and the boys were outside making lovely games. So Bubbles and I made some things from my bead box. These are the very first earrings that little Bubbles had ever made, and she made them for Mummy. The beads are a mixture of glass and plastic (so they weren't heavy and hurt Mum's ears) and were chosen with great deliberation so that they matched Mummy's favourite clothes. I'm sure you will agree my Blog Friends that Mum had every cause to be over the moon with them. The other is a snow flake that was a bit of a joint effort as the wire was quite hard to bend but hung on a nylon thread it looks really cool in the window and looks fabulous when the sun catches it. I think we have a serious contender to Icklewols crown as Drated Child!! Top Banana Bubbles a job well done xx

Monday, 29 August 2011

Fence Huggers Anonomous!!

Many apologies my dear blog friends, but my dear hubby has put up this fence to 'dog proof'my dear friend Big Donna's garden this weekend.Lurking somewhere at the bottom of the garden she is to be found hugging her new fence and giggling maniacally!! She doesn't get out much and she has had to go down the bottom of her garden to hug her fence and stroke it and coo lovingly at it!! when we left her today she had cut back this addiction to only 5 times an hour!! We hope that by Christmas this will have been reduced to just looking at it from the house!! We love you really Donna and Thank You for a great weekend xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


These cushions made for my friends studio are totally recycled. the cushion pads are old feather pillows that have been restitched and cut to size. The wool is odd scraps found when we turned out our cupboards and the backs are old t-shirts bought for 50p each in a charity shop. Total cost £2 for 3 BARGAIN!!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Shades of Mauve PomPom Scarf

I made this the other evening and have been putting the fringe on this morning. A tedious job because the pom poms keep getting tangled up!!! But the results are well worth the effort. The texture and the weight of this scarf are just beautiful. I hope you are enjoying my something different stuff.

Monday, 22 August 2011


Here are 2 necklaces that I have made with my gadget, one is self tie in lime green with a wooden orange glittery bead. While the other is more glamerous with a nickle free fastening in black and grey tone teddy bear yarn with a red heart bead. I love these necklaces and I now have them in every colour to match my wardrobe. Nanny Gee is also making these as they are so easy and effective. I've now decided to recoup a little cash and have put them on Folksie, all I have to do now is cross my fingers!!

Earrings and Necklace

I 'needed' a necklace and some earrings to go with an outfit in a hurry. I had some lovely pewter feather charms which I bought for cards but decided that they were too good to use. So with a bit of memory wire and a few findings and half an hour and beads from stash this pair of earrings and necklace was born.

Summer Days At Sassie Acres

Earlier in the Summer we decided to 'test drive' our new old caravan, we didn't go too far from home and spent a couple of lovely days at Woodbury on a fabulous site. The days passed very quickly with us spending a lot of the time on the beach at Exmouth. As you can see we were very fortunate with the weather and Dad and his Lad enjoyed swimming in the sea, football on the beach, rockpooling and other ladish pursuits. Whilst yours truly lazed on the beach with a jolly good book. PURRRRRFICK!!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Snapshots of Our Fabulous Weekend

No this isn't Italy, its Horsham West Sussex at Easter Weekend!! The town was buzzing with all things Italian all weekend. Stalls selling Italian wine, cheeses, bread and other delicacies Italian cars and motorbikes and Opera Singers too. The good weather was a definite bonus but the atmosphere was just terrific. Congratulations Horsham on a great event. Can you guess who took the piccies? Yes it was my OH so that is why they are all of cars and bikes!!!

Not a Great Photo

This is a mug with a history. I decorated the original mug for my friends son for Christmas. BUT what ever I do for this poor chap gets mucked up in this case the transfer (image taken from MCS) just wouldn't lie flat it kept buckling. So it had to be redone GRRRRRR! Its not just things with the handmade touch that go wrong either, if I buy him chocolate it gets inadvertantly left beside a hot radiator and so his presents are a source of high anxiety!!

My First Attempt at Paint Fusion

This is my first ever try at paint fusion and I do believe I'm 'hooked'. I played with Nanny Gee's toys while we were staying with her and she taught m the basic techniques. I particularly enjoyed making the berries as even with my limited skills I could achieve reasonable results. The tongue did poke out the corner of my mouth while attempting the leaves as I really had to apply myself. It was great fun though and open air crafting is to be a big fat MUST DO.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

And My Glamerous Assistant is Modeling..........

Here is the ever fragrant Paulieperson Nanny Gee's Son in Law modeling the necklace that I made for my friend. This was taken on saturday evening at Dawnywol and Pauliepersons Bar-B-Que which was great evening out. I'm sorry to say Paulieperson that it does suit your Mother-in-Law far better.

Remember the Boxes?

Well this was what was in the larger of the 2 boxes for my dear friend and Cyber Mummy, it has been a long time in the doing, just not got my act together. These are pictures of her and her lovely family when they all made the journey from W Sussex to Darkest Devonshire for my wedding. With her Eldest Granddaughter being one of my 2 bridesmaids and of course her masterpiece of a wedding cake. It brings back such lovely memories of a day made so special just because they were all here with us, a real time of family and great friends. In the smaller box was a necklace very similar to the aqua one I have already posted, but in red, which I think she loved as she wore it quite a lot over the weekend we have just spent with them.

Well, we have just got back from Nanny Gee's after an absolutely brilliant weekend. We didn't get out and about much, after all why go anywhere when the roads are madness and the garden and the company superb. We had fabulous food, brilliant company and the most fabulous weather. The time flew by way too quickly and it seems no sooner we arrived there, then it was time to come home. We had some local trips into Horsham and to the Glitterpot, so we did get some quality retail therapy in. Once I get myself organised I shall post some photo's of our 'doings'

I have also tried Paint Fusion for the first time and although it isn't the greatest bit of work ever, it certainly wasn't bad. I shall post a piccie when I sort out all my photo's an edit them.

It is such an anticlimax comming home and I have just climbed the washing mountain and conquered it. I have to pop out and do some shopping other than that I don't intend to do much more other than laze around. I might even make a jug of Pims and put in the fridge for later on. Can you tell I'm still in holiday mode?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ha Ha Ha Nanny Gee! What About This One Then?

This box is still 2" deep and an inch and a pinch bigger than the other one, what can be n this one then?

Monday, 18 April 2011

Special Nan Easter Card

My Nan is one very special lady and deserves a very special card. She was the first person to hold me and she has been holding me tight ever since. This card comes from a set of cd's that Ideal World did in conjunction with Red Hot Bed. I had forgotten about it until I was digging around in my cupboards looking for transfer paper. It has some lovely stuff on it and I mounted all the elements onto an 8x8" pearlescent card. I was really pleased with the result and I know that my Nan will love it, it also has her named flower Iris in it, so some Irises for Iris.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Can You Guess Whats In This Box Nanny Gee??

This little box contains something nice for Nanny Gee, but she can only have the gift when she can guess whats inside it!!

Flowers are of course made from MCS Encyclopeadia, which if you haven't seen is well worth a peek.

Mags you can have as many guess's as you like!! It is 2" deep and 5" square!!

The Bobsters Hip Hip Hooray Day!

While we are visiting Bea's Nanny for Easter, my poor son The Bobster is home alone with the dogs. He is celebrating his 25th Birfday (oh doesn't that make me feel old, he's my middle one). So here's a seaky peek at his birthday cards. One from me and The Eejit and one from the anklebiters.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Something Different, a new obssession?

Something a bit different. When I was at Shepton Mallet on Friday I bought some beads and some random dyed silk yarn and a french knitting gadget. This necklace (in the aqua colours) took very little time to make and is so soft and light, the ribbon has a irridescence about it and was lovely to work with.

This got the old grey matter rambling and I thought I would try that lilac ribbon that I had oceans of and so the little lilac bracelet was born.

I am now thinking about spools of thread for necklace making, if I thread the beads on first perhaps I can make a floating bead necklace?? In fact the possibilities are endless.

My First MCS Violet

This might well be my very first MCS Violet card but it most certainly isn't going to be my last!! The no stamp required images are lovely and coloured with Promarkers look gorgeous and are so simple to do. The matting and layering uses bits from my scraps box.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lilac Time

I must want my head read!! Following on from the hydrangeas, when Rainbow Lady chose Lilac Wine for her theme, I thought 'I wonder IF'!!! So here we are, the little flowers took a whole sheet of A5 lilac paper!!! They are shaped and the centres glittered and then formed on a base card covered in generous 'blobs' of Pinflair Glue Gel. The little flowers are placed one at a time randomly filling in gaps. The leaves are cut with the Big Shot, and the twig is from one of my now deseaced mature shrubs!!!! The ribbon is from my stash with a sentiment from Papermania. I also found in my stash some lovely MIC papers and although it looks silver grey in the photo it is a gorgeous Eau D Nil.

This Used To Be My Little Patch of Heaven

Well Folk, this used to be my little patch of Heaven, mature tree's and shrubs and the hours I've spent keepin it looking good. Now as you can see it is an absolute mess, and I am so upset. This is believe it or not the 'New Shed' which is 3x the footprint of its predessor and so very high. I can't see my 'owl post' from the kitchen anymore. The grass is wrecked and I haven't any space for my fruit and veggie patch, I have lost heck of a lot of my clothes line. This is the result of the men in this house looking after their motorbikes. When I saw the shed on Wednesday I just cried. I suppose it can only get better, but when I think of the time and money I've put into my little patch I could howl all over again. Why do they find it so hard to understand why it s so important to me?

Ho Hum! I shall be cracking the whip to get it restored back to its former glory.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sorry, Please Make Me A Better Boy

This little card, really makes me smile. Its a digistamp and I'm sorry but I can't remember the artist for which I am truly sorry. The backing paper is one of Craftyann's a really cheerful paper. This image brings a smile to me as it reminds me of one of my sons when he was a littlie and had been in yet another scrape, I walked past his bedroom one evening to hear him praying that God would make him a betterer boy please. Oh he was a little scamp!! The buttons and the Teddy's bow are from a Docraft Goody bag and the image has been inked around the edge by Dewdrop chalk ink

Oo La Laa

I think this cd Boys to Men is just amazing, I love the papers the toppers I just love everything about it. It has cartoony bits, scenic bits and stuff you just have to dribble on. I made this as an easel card but instead of putting a high topper on it I thought I would do something just a little bit different and put a small topper pyrimaged instead. All the elements are from the cd and I really shall be using it a lot.

Now as a Someone Special card this one fits the bill a treat, so it is going to wing its way through cyber space to Cd Sunday Challenge Blog. I hope if you click on the picture it will be easier to read the words as they are something quite special.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Sorry No Pictures

I'm so sorry blog fans but I have been beavering away all weekend on a project which I can't put on my blog yet as its a gift for someone who I know reads my blog from time to time. But I will post it after they have recieved it in a few weeks time. This week I have Easter cards to do and some challenge cards so hopefully there will be plenty to go on with. I'm not feeling the Mae West at the moment, my cold is still hanging around and making me feel miserable and it is a bit iffy as to whether I shall make the Show at Shepton Mallet at the end of the week which I shall be really disappointed to miss. This morning I am sat at my desk, looking at The Project which just needs a few finishing touches to it, but that little rascal my mojo seems to have legged it and left me high and dry!! Anyway I hope that things buck up as the day goes on and I get something done ready to 'play' Love to You All xx

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cyber Mothers

I have plundered my stash and my scraps box for this card and have used my Bigshot to emboss and cut the frames. I have actually made 2 like this but like the numptie I am I posted the other without photgraphing it! DOH!!! If you are very well behaved I might just share my secret weapon for making this with you later on. They are a bit of a labour of love for a 'bish, bash, bosh' crafter like me. I took the inspiration from a birthday card from my friend Ginger, her cards are just out of this world. I should also say that these little cards are A6 in size and I put them in a C5 envelope unfolded for posting. Sorry folk, I can't move my picture of the tool I used to create this card. Its a wonderful gadget with click in and click out dies. It came from Pinflair many years ago and although I have used it loads of times this is the first time I thought of doing this. On the ends of the handles there are 2 sizes of balltool so you can punch and shape as you go. It is about the same size as a pair of pliers. I have used it to make 'stuff' to go into shaker cards, the little leaves are so cute and quite useful, they measure only 6mm aprox. My Cyber Mothers are both such special ladies who have picked me up and dusted me off many times and they deserve very special cards, in fact the shock of getting a card from me in time for the occassion will probably be more than they can stand, as I am notorious for driving around months with the cards before I remember to post them.