Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Memory Money Boxes

I bought these money boxes at Hobbycraft for the children and suggested we made them into memory money boxes by everyone signing their names on them so that they all had a lasting memory of a fabulous weekend and new friends. They are all in various stages of progress in these pictures. The children are going to use them to save up some money for the next time we all meet up to spend on some nice outings together. I think they are really lovely and hopefully half term will soon come round for a return visit.

Childs Charm Bracelet

some silver belcher chain, some charms and pretty beads from a visit to Hobbycraft in Woking. It also has one of my treasured feather charms on it. Bubbles got this as a Thank You for her help in putting up the new fence. She was up and down the garden carrying heavy watering cans of water, the concrete was going off so quickly and Ian very nearly got set in concrete and would have if it wasn't for his Chief Water Carrier. Top Banana!

Bubbles & Sass' Crafty Stuff

Sorry for the 'tongue in cheek' previous posting. I just couldn't resist a touch of mischief. Now for the serious stuff. On Saturday morning Bubbles and I were home alone, Mum and Ian had gone to Wicks for fence 'stuff' and the boys were outside making lovely games. So Bubbles and I made some things from my bead box. These are the very first earrings that little Bubbles had ever made, and she made them for Mummy. The beads are a mixture of glass and plastic (so they weren't heavy and hurt Mum's ears) and were chosen with great deliberation so that they matched Mummy's favourite clothes. I'm sure you will agree my Blog Friends that Mum had every cause to be over the moon with them. The other is a snow flake that was a bit of a joint effort as the wire was quite hard to bend but hung on a nylon thread it looks really cool in the window and looks fabulous when the sun catches it. I think we have a serious contender to Icklewols crown as Drated Child!! Top Banana Bubbles a job well done xx

Monday, 29 August 2011

Fence Huggers Anonomous!!

Many apologies my dear blog friends, but my dear hubby has put up this fence to 'dog proof'my dear friend Big Donna's garden this weekend.Lurking somewhere at the bottom of the garden she is to be found hugging her new fence and giggling maniacally!! She doesn't get out much and she has had to go down the bottom of her garden to hug her fence and stroke it and coo lovingly at it!! when we left her today she had cut back this addiction to only 5 times an hour!! We hope that by Christmas this will have been reduced to just looking at it from the house!! We love you really Donna and Thank You for a great weekend xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


These cushions made for my friends studio are totally recycled. the cushion pads are old feather pillows that have been restitched and cut to size. The wool is odd scraps found when we turned out our cupboards and the backs are old t-shirts bought for 50p each in a charity shop. Total cost £2 for 3 BARGAIN!!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Shades of Mauve PomPom Scarf

I made this the other evening and have been putting the fringe on this morning. A tedious job because the pom poms keep getting tangled up!!! But the results are well worth the effort. The texture and the weight of this scarf are just beautiful. I hope you are enjoying my something different stuff.

Monday, 22 August 2011


Here are 2 necklaces that I have made with my gadget, one is self tie in lime green with a wooden orange glittery bead. While the other is more glamerous with a nickle free fastening in black and grey tone teddy bear yarn with a red heart bead. I love these necklaces and I now have them in every colour to match my wardrobe. Nanny Gee is also making these as they are so easy and effective. I've now decided to recoup a little cash and have put them on Folksie, all I have to do now is cross my fingers!!

Earrings and Necklace

I 'needed' a necklace and some earrings to go with an outfit in a hurry. I had some lovely pewter feather charms which I bought for cards but decided that they were too good to use. So with a bit of memory wire and a few findings and half an hour and beads from stash this pair of earrings and necklace was born.

Summer Days At Sassie Acres

Earlier in the Summer we decided to 'test drive' our new old caravan, we didn't go too far from home and spent a couple of lovely days at Woodbury on a fabulous site. The days passed very quickly with us spending a lot of the time on the beach at Exmouth. As you can see we were very fortunate with the weather and Dad and his Lad enjoyed swimming in the sea, football on the beach, rockpooling and other ladish pursuits. Whilst yours truly lazed on the beach with a jolly good book. PURRRRRFICK!!!