Friday, 31 July 2015

Who Knew?

Well who knew?, I certainly didn't! I used Promarkers to colour in these little Cloud Clay Fairies. So much easier than battling with a paint brush on tiny area's.

This is a little desk tidy for my Granddaughters Birthday, the flowers, fairies and leaves are made from white cloud clay and made in a mould ( can't remember where it came from ) and the flowers and leaves are a Sugarbuttons mould from Katy Sue Designs.

There is only so much sugary pink and sweet stuff I can do before I start coming over all Mary Poppinsish.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Ghoulish Delights

Having a lot of fun at the moment, playing with Halloween as a theme.
I painted a skull from Amazon with Pebeo Fantasy Moon
in Pearl

Two large wooden beads big enough to sit in the eye sockets were then given wiggly
blood vessels

One eye was topped with a large faceted bead  and sat in the eye socket with
Crystal Glaze

I then used Pebeo air dry clay to make 'worms' to get worm like ridges
I rolled the finished worm over a piece of cling film which gave it really good wormy

I then painted the worms when they were completely dry with
Pebeo Fantasy Moon in Rosewood. I really liked this colour for the worms,
as someone said they look all shiny and wormy

Now Fred is assembled and sat on an old plate to 'go off'
about 48 hours.
I hope you enjoyed my little bit of madness
Lots of Love

Monday, 27 July 2015

Pumpkin Play

My son and his children have a big bash for Halloween and they all dress up, and decorate the house. This Pumpkin will be part of a display for on the mantelpiece. I was really pleased with this as it was really an exercise in layering colour and creating textures for me. It turned out so much nicer than I expected and it will catch the light from battery tealights beautifully. As I've said so many times I really am rubbish at taking photo's and I can honestly say that this looks so much better in the flesh.
I hope you like it
 Take one papier mache pumpkin from Amazon
Paint it with Pebeo White Gesso
Paint with Pebeo Studio Acrylic in Fluorescent Orange and allow to dry
Sponge over Pebeo Studio Dyna Orange iridescent.
Sponge all over with Pebeo Fantasy Moon in gold
and allow to dry

Paint the stalk of the pumpkin with Pebeo Vitrail in sandalwood.
When the whole thing is dried thoroughly, paint with Pebeo Vitrail in Sun Yellow. 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Something from outer space?

I have a passion for wind chimes and sun catchers. These little beauties tick all my boxes. They are ridiculously expensive to make but are a classic 'you get what you pay for'. They are made in two halves and then fit together. They catch the merest hint of light and bounce it around superbly. I haven't hung them up yet ( to be honest I'm running out of hanging space) and are sat on my bedroom window. They are amazing at night (Yes, really) when they catch just a flicker of a car headlight. No photo can really do justice to these.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Wishy Washy Washer's - Not here!

Mr Sass has been sorting out his shed (mancave), its long overdue. I 'alf inched some of his washers to play with. What do you make of this?
This is also Pebeo Fantasy Moon with just a dab of Fantasy Prismi.
For those of you not in the know about Pebeo, where have you been hiding? I have to admit that I've only just started playing with the Pebeo products after staying with my friend who is a huge fan of them. In the coming weeks there are so many things that I want to try.
Take Care my Friends

Friday, 24 July 2015

Knitting Again

Just a bit of knitting, that I've been done recently. The top one is for my youngest Granddaughter and the two bottom ones are cardigans and a little hat that I've knitted for my cousins Great Granddaughter. They are from Mariann Leys and are free on Ravelry. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

New Beginnings

Something new and rather addictive. This pendant is made with Pebeo Fantasy Paint. I really can sit and watch paint dry with this, the paint moves and shifts and does all sorts of things you really never know how it is going to turn out. Unfortunately I had a bit of a tidy up around the desk and through the scrap paper that I had written down the colours I'd used away. I will be much more careful in future.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Hello Again

Thought it was time I dusted off my blog and got going again.

Lots of things have changed since my last posting. My workroom has been packed into boxes and stayed that way for quite some time. But now I have moved into my new work area in the garden and the boxes unpacked. I have had to stop doing quite a few things that I enjoy but on the plus side I have found some new challenges.

The new work Area has been christened The Witches Den and I am extremely pleased with how its doing. Its not quite there yet as my end of things, other things get in the way.

                                My lovely big store room to hide away my crafty stash (above)

Over the coming weeks you will see much more of the new workroom. I also hope that you will enjoy some of my new experiences, and crafting adventures.
Love to You