Friday, 5 June 2009

Cottage Garden Card

This is a card from Joanna Sheen's Cottage Garden CDRom. I made this for my 'soon to be Mother in Law' for her birthday. It is all from the Cdrom with just the addition of scraps from my scrap box for the matting and layering. The image I chose came from the decoupage section of the cd.
Himself's Mum lived in a cottage very similar to this in Bossington West Somerset, so I am hoping that this card will bring back some happy memories for her.
At the moment I am not keeping too well, and I am having problems with my hands. I have been banned from using a craft knife and I can only type using 2 pencils with erasers on the top to press the keys. I went for some tests yesterday but they had to be 'aborted' as they couldn't get the results they needed.
I am still crafting, albeit very slowly and am discovering ways to do things so that I can still make cards. It is a nuisance but ' I will suceed' !! Funny isn't it? I can find ways to carry on crafting but finding ways to do housework, well thats not so easy !! lol

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AliMayes said...

Sorry you've not been well Jackie but you're right to keep crafting and forget the housework. As Quentin Crisp once said,'After four years the dust doesn't get any worse'!!! Hope you get yourself sorted soon though ready for the big day.
Ali xx