Thursday, 18 April 2013

I Can't stop Scrapping!

I am putting together a scrapbook for my Nan, she has boxes full of photo's that she loves but doesn't know what to do with. I have taken them and started putting them into Craft Professional Artist 2 to make page layouts. I hope you like them
This is my gorgeous Nan in the 1960's the two smaller ones are of my Nan, her 2 sisters and her Mum

I have had to leave photo's of my Father and his family out of my blog but they are included in the scrapbook, this is my page, from baby to 50

This is a page for my Nan's Father - Robert Johns in the bottom left he is about 3 years old and still in his 'petticoats' the one above is taken shortly before he died aged 79.

This page shows my Nan on her travels, she has travelled a lot and enjoyed it very much so there will be more pages like this to come. The one in the key fob is of my Nan and late Granddad - in contrast Granddad hated leaving home, this is them touching down in Spain, Oh how he hated every moment of his holiday in Spain! The one top right is of Nan and her friend and travelling companion in Venice and bottom right is Nan in Aidensfield Garage in Heartbeat.

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