Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Its Me!

Hello everyone. I'm feeling much better again now and Thank You to Raggy Ann for stepping in and posting on my behalf.

I picked up a nasty cold and cough, which to most people would be little more than an irritation but unfortunately it put me in bed for several weeks. I ended up so weak and exhausted that I had to have a blood transfusion last week. I am now bouncing around again and catching up with all the things that got neglected.

This did give me the opportunity to do some CAPping and I am now up to date with my Christmas Cards (My word its creeping along quickly now). My things to do list seems to be growing longer rather than shorter at the moment.

I just have a religious card to do now and that will be them all finished.

Now this one is awaiting inspiration to hit for a caption! This is the image of Mr Sass, he can sleep anywhere and to be fair he probably wouldn't notice if we pushed the sofa outside while he was asleep!

.................... and finally, of course there had to be a proud Grannie moment didn't there?.

So as you can see Raggy Ann wasn't fibbing when she said I'd been keeping busy! There is also plenty of knitting and sewing on the go at the moment too. I have several UFO's (Un Finished Objects) that need doing, and hopefully I shall remember to take pictures of them and post here for you.

Take Care Everyone and Love to you All from All of Us at Sassie Acres

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