Friday, 4 March 2011

I've Bitten The Bullet!

Good News Blog Fans

I have ordered a new USB cable from Samsung for my camera, so hopefully it will arrive swiftly and I shall be able to show you some things that won't go through the scanner soon. I have had a go with a cord making gizmo and I am wondering what to do with it now. I shall post some examples for your perusal as soon as my cable comes. I have also got some tealight holders that I have decorated which I shall post too.

I think I shall be more careful with cables though as it is an expensive lesson to learn!!

Happy Crafting friends. If you are not a follower of Nanny Gee's Place nip over there and have a look at her latest fabulous Christening cake, Ooooo that woman is just tooo darn clever for her own good!!

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