Friday, 11 March 2011


MEN!!!! The title of ths post was the howl that went up here last night. Young Bobster suddenly realised that the pile of post for 'The Eejit' might just mean that its his birthday!! Thankfully Bobster has just scraped under the wire with 24 hours to spare. Its 'im indoors hip hip hooray day tomorrow. So Muvver had to knock up another card pdq. The "Old Man" thing is a joke between O H and the Bobster and the greeting exchanged on the landing at stoopid O'clock when they are going or coming home from work ...... shiftworkers tut!

The fair Lady Joanna of Sheen, has saved the day again with the Cd ATC Assitant


Beryl K said...

Just brilliant Sass.
Beryl x

Mags said...

Good old mum to the rescue - must look at that cd again! always forget it!

Mags x