Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thank You For Beeing My Teacher

After a lot of searching I had to give up and wave the white flag! I bought some beautiful cord for making Shamballa Style Bracelets with while I was staying with my friend Mags. I bought a fantastic turquiose colour cord to make this bracelet for the Anklebiters teacher Mrs P. Long story sideways I saw it on Saturday while looking for something else (is there a theme here?) I have since retraced my steps and I can't find it anywhere. So at stooopidd O'clock last nigt there was nothing for it but to use inferior lilac cord. I suppose it could have been worse, the little strawberry brooch was part of a magazine freebie. I just hope Mrs P doesn't think I'm a weirdo crafter -- of course you all know better!

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