Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Nerve Centre at Sassie Acres

This is the tidiest my workroom has ever been, apart from when it was all packed in boxes!! The skirt hung on the shelves is one I made towards the end of the summer (what summer?) and is waiting to be hemmed. On the back of the door just in shot is a hanging tidy with bits in. My corner desk and laptop are by the window over the back garden.

next to my desk is my sewing table, right in front of the window. I have a daylight lamp on the window sill which minimises my SAD and depression.
This bit of chaos is my general storage area, in time much of what is on here will be sold (hopefully) and will give me more room. I have lots of things to post on my Folksy site which will give me some dosh to buy more crafty goodies.

This is my mucky work area, there are a few things lurking here that don't belong here, but until I sell some stuff I can't put it all away. So time to get my derrier in gear, take some photo's and post on Folksy.
I hope you now feel very virtuous as your work area's are bound to be more tidier and better organised than mine. If you think yours is a mess I hope mine makes you feel better.

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