Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Bored Sass is.......................................

............................................ all together NOW! A DANGEROUS SASS!
Well long time no blogging dear friends. I haven't been idle though. We have decorated the Anklebiters bedroom and upcycled a few pieces to finish it off.

My Dear Headache Provoking Husband went to the recycling recreation centre to get rid of some rubbish. He came back with 2 lovely solid blanket boxes. So Sass set to and painted the boxes with eggshell paint and then got some old stencils out and stenciled fish in pearlescent acrylic a quick coat of matt varnish. I had some leftover fabric from the curtain which I used with some foam (from a tame furniture upholsterer) and some nice binding with VW Camper vans on to make a cushioned seat. The 2 boxes were then bolted together and then to the bedframe to be used as steps to the new bed crowsnest! The upright box has had feet put on and a shelf put inside. Total cost £7

So that was the start of something urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dangerous!

 The curtain with 'rope' tie back
 A revamped pinboard. I used some 'rope' and glued it around the frame and painted the frame
This bed is 4' off the floor, it is reclaimed timber which has been painted and distressed to look 'sea washed'. The fishy boxes are the steps up to the bed.

DON'T STAND STILL! Sass has got a brush in her hand .................................. onto the kitchen. You know when you get fed up with something? Well my kitchen was boring me rigid. I bought a new wipeable table cloth from a catalogue, £2 worth of plain white tiles and let loose.

 Not being as artistic as my mate in Horsham I dug out my ceramic pens and just doodled on the tiles, they have felt glued to the backs and the oblong ones have wooden beads glued to the bottoms to use as trivets. The place mats are a big cheat as my lads are a bit mucky with a Digger and Shovel (knife and fork to those of you with a bit of culture). So rather than make nice fabric place mats I printed some pretty backing paper from Joanna Sheens Pretty Petals cd and laminated them.
Ok, this really was going OTT I found an old tea light holder and let loose with that too. I have a few more projects in the offing for the kitchen and there is some bunting  to go up in the anklebiters bedroom. But Heyyyy its happening!

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Mags said...

Fab and well done - looks brill!