Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Girly Skull Trinket Box

I love this little trinket box. It was an idea to try out the new Pebeo black gesso that I got yesterday. I have to say that Pebeo gesso is probably the best I've ever used. The coverage is brilliant, suffice to say that I won't be buying any other from now on. So what I did was had an oval trinket box from my stash and painted it black gesso. Because the coverage is so good I then just used a matt sealer on it. I made a skull from red cloud clay which when it was dry I painted with Pebeo Fantsy Moon in carmine. I then used Antique Gold Prismi to fill the eye sockets. I then ran amok (as I do) with Pebeo Gold gilding wax to embellish the red roses from my stash. I then decorated with pearl beads, feathers and a little black satin bow with a pearl on it.

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