Saturday, 29 August 2015

Its Here!

Look what has arrived at Sassie Acres! I've played about with it a little bit now. I was going to devote a whole day to playing with it today, but The Goffer has been in and out like a fiddlers elbow today and as it's a weighty beast I need him to move it for me. So I have wasted a day.
However, I had a quick play sat on the bed and did some embossing, die cutting and a cheeky bit of stamping with it. I love it! Because of my shakes and hand weakness I find these things difficult to do. It's fair to say that it has that 'new' stiffness about it but I still managed the functions with ease and adjusting the roller was an absolute doddle. I shall be ordering some foils soon to try out the hot foiling function, but so far I've found it to be a very simple piece of kit. With nice crisp embossing and die cutting. By lifting out the plate (easypeasy) the BIG Sissix dies go through and cut out my patchwork dies a dream. It was a very expensive piece of kit but the amount of things that I can do with it is incredible. I can see many opportunities for using TODO in my mixed media crafting, such as cutting out dies and using the negatives for texture paste, applique, cutting chipboard (I struggled with my Big Shot), using empty drinks cans to make shapes to paint and add to canvas. I am really excited with the possibilities it offers along with the opportunity to use my big wood mounted rubber stamps that my hands just can't cope with.
I've been trying to find a negative angle to tell you about, but to be perfectly honest with you I haven't yet come across one yet. I suppose the biggest negative for many would be its size as its a bit of a beast.

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