Sunday, 17 April 2011

Can You Guess Whats In This Box Nanny Gee??

This little box contains something nice for Nanny Gee, but she can only have the gift when she can guess whats inside it!!

Flowers are of course made from MCS Encyclopeadia, which if you haven't seen is well worth a peek.

Mags you can have as many guess's as you like!! It is 2" deep and 5" square!!


Beryl K said...

Beautiful flowers Sass, I've not seen these
Beryl x

Mags said...

I need a clue as to the size of the box (in inches and not cms!)
I am thinking perhaps you have been playing with the beads you purchased as the craft show - so possibly some sort of bracelet?


ps how many guesses am I allowed? and you say I won't get it if I don't guess - erm does that mean you will "forget" to bring it with you! ;-) anyway if I guess it won't be a surprise!

Mags said...

right second guess - something "fusion" you have painted?

or a very ornate Easter card!