Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Remember the Boxes?

Well this was what was in the larger of the 2 boxes for my dear friend and Cyber Mummy, it has been a long time in the doing, just not got my act together. These are pictures of her and her lovely family when they all made the journey from W Sussex to Darkest Devonshire for my wedding. With her Eldest Granddaughter being one of my 2 bridesmaids and of course her masterpiece of a wedding cake. It brings back such lovely memories of a day made so special just because they were all here with us, a real time of family and great friends. In the smaller box was a necklace very similar to the aqua one I have already posted, but in red, which I think she loved as she wore it quite a lot over the weekend we have just spent with them.

Well, we have just got back from Nanny Gee's after an absolutely brilliant weekend. We didn't get out and about much, after all why go anywhere when the roads are madness and the garden and the company superb. We had fabulous food, brilliant company and the most fabulous weather. The time flew by way too quickly and it seems no sooner we arrived there, then it was time to come home. We had some local trips into Horsham and to the Glitterpot, so we did get some quality retail therapy in. Once I get myself organised I shall post some photo's of our 'doings'

I have also tried Paint Fusion for the first time and although it isn't the greatest bit of work ever, it certainly wasn't bad. I shall post a piccie when I sort out all my photo's an edit them.

It is such an anticlimax comming home and I have just climbed the washing mountain and conquered it. I have to pop out and do some shopping other than that I don't intend to do much more other than laze around. I might even make a jug of Pims and put in the fridge for later on. Can you tell I'm still in holiday mode?


Christine said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic time Sass, such a lovely present and I know you put a lot of time and love into making it. Am jealous that you got to the Glitterpot and Horsham. Horsham is a lovey town.
Look forward to seeing your paint fusion samples.

Rita said...

What a Lovely post Sass. It sounds as if you all had a wonderful time. I read Mags story last night and thought how lovely to have such great friends. Hugs Rita xx