Sunday, 10 April 2011

This Used To Be My Little Patch of Heaven

Well Folk, this used to be my little patch of Heaven, mature tree's and shrubs and the hours I've spent keepin it looking good. Now as you can see it is an absolute mess, and I am so upset. This is believe it or not the 'New Shed' which is 3x the footprint of its predessor and so very high. I can't see my 'owl post' from the kitchen anymore. The grass is wrecked and I haven't any space for my fruit and veggie patch, I have lost heck of a lot of my clothes line. This is the result of the men in this house looking after their motorbikes. When I saw the shed on Wednesday I just cried. I suppose it can only get better, but when I think of the time and money I've put into my little patch I could howl all over again. Why do they find it so hard to understand why it s so important to me?

Ho Hum! I shall be cracking the whip to get it restored back to its former glory.

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Mags said...

Call that a shed - what are the men thinking of! His Lordship said he would fix my summerhouse when you were up - offer declined! lol!

Looks as though you will be coming up on your own for Easter, whilst HE stays behind and fixes the garden! xx