Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Memory Money Boxes

I bought these money boxes at Hobbycraft for the children and suggested we made them into memory money boxes by everyone signing their names on them so that they all had a lasting memory of a fabulous weekend and new friends. They are all in various stages of progress in these pictures. The children are going to use them to save up some money for the next time we all meet up to spend on some nice outings together. I think they are really lovely and hopefully half term will soon come round for a return visit.


Beryl K said...

These are great Sass, and such a lovely idea for you all to sign them
Beryl x

Christine said...

What a wonderful idea Sass, they are super and a lovely idea for each one to be signed. I hope the kids enjoyed making them and that their money soon mounts up.
Love & Hugs
Christine xx

Mags said...

great money boxes kids. Suppose I shall get asked to contribute next time I visit!

Auntie Mags xx