Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bubbles & Sass' Crafty Stuff

Sorry for the 'tongue in cheek' previous posting. I just couldn't resist a touch of mischief. Now for the serious stuff. On Saturday morning Bubbles and I were home alone, Mum and Ian had gone to Wicks for fence 'stuff' and the boys were outside making lovely games. So Bubbles and I made some things from my bead box. These are the very first earrings that little Bubbles had ever made, and she made them for Mummy. The beads are a mixture of glass and plastic (so they weren't heavy and hurt Mum's ears) and were chosen with great deliberation so that they matched Mummy's favourite clothes. I'm sure you will agree my Blog Friends that Mum had every cause to be over the moon with them. The other is a snow flake that was a bit of a joint effort as the wire was quite hard to bend but hung on a nylon thread it looks really cool in the window and looks fabulous when the sun catches it. I think we have a serious contender to Icklewols crown as Drated Child!! Top Banana Bubbles a job well done xx


Beryl K said...

Lovely earrings and snow flake, a new talent in our midst
Beryl x

Mags said...

Well done Bubbles and if you want to get ahead of Auntie Sass - get Mum to buy some metallic pipe cleaners when she does her Crafty Crocs order - much easier to bend (and that's what I use)

A. Mags