Monday, 29 August 2011

Fence Huggers Anonomous!!

Many apologies my dear blog friends, but my dear hubby has put up this fence to 'dog proof'my dear friend Big Donna's garden this weekend.Lurking somewhere at the bottom of the garden she is to be found hugging her new fence and giggling maniacally!! She doesn't get out much and she has had to go down the bottom of her garden to hug her fence and stroke it and coo lovingly at it!! when we left her today she had cut back this addiction to only 5 times an hour!! We hope that by Christmas this will have been reduced to just looking at it from the house!! We love you really Donna and Thank You for a great weekend xx


Beryl K said...

Great looking fence Sass, glad your friend is so pleased.
Beryl x

Mags said...

Well done Ian - and big Donna, I need an invitation to check out his work properly! (I'll bring strawberry cream tea as I gather you are rather addicted. lol!


ps trouble is going to have to compete for Ian's services now! lol!