Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Childs Charm Bracelet

some silver belcher chain, some charms and pretty beads from a visit to Hobbycraft in Woking. It also has one of my treasured feather charms on it. Bubbles got this as a Thank You for her help in putting up the new fence. She was up and down the garden carrying heavy watering cans of water, the concrete was going off so quickly and Ian very nearly got set in concrete and would have if it wasn't for his Chief Water Carrier. Top Banana!


Beryl K said...

Very pretty bracelet
Beryl x

Christine said...

Beautiful bracelet Sass.
Hugs xx

Mags said...

That's looking good Bubbles, and I am not speaking to you Auntie Sass - cos I haven't been given a feather charm! :-)