Thursday, 29 August 2013

Husbands - Plural!

As you know I'm a bit careless with husbands ( I did keep the first one for 20 years)
These two pictures of my men are taken on our wedding days
The one below is the current incumbent of the title Mr Sass, he is also known as Ian/Eejit/Himself and Gopher - He's quite sweet really but for goodness sake don't tell him that!
I like to remind him from time to time that I AM careless with husbands and that is supposed to keep him on his toes!
 The one below is a husband who passed through my life so swiftly but left indelible marks on my life. This Steampunk kit works brilliantly as John had coronary heart disease. He'd had a triple bypass, stents and an implanted cardiac defibrillator, the heart laced together with mechanical gubbins inside was just so appropriate. He was a practical man with a love of all things mechanical and I'm sure by now he has reinvented Angel wings  and is now wearing a pair similar to this set of butterfly wings.
I hope you love these pages as much as I do, they look wonderful in my scrapbook

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Beryl said...

Can't believe how quickly the years have gone by Sassy. I doesn't seem like 5 years. Great papges.
Beryl xx