Thursday, 29 August 2013

My First Daisy Trail Challenge Entry

I couldn't resist taking part of this challenge given my love of tractors. The first picture is of the finished page which I was rather pleased with
 This picture is the one we were given to 'play with' it had to be included in the page somewhere. I've done very little to the picture I put it into the transparency tool and played with different 'shapes that I was happy with.
My late husband John was a vintage/veteran/classic tractor man and my love of tractors come from the little grey fergies of my childhood. I have taken part in match ploughing competitions which made me a bit of a novelty being a woman and that. This always baffled me as the girls of the Land Army did some pretty nifty work in their day.
Please nip over to the Daisy Trail forum and see what other people have done with the image, there is some amazingly clever work and its always a good place to look place to look for member freebies. While you are there join the forum and vote for your favourite challenges - There are several challenges running at the moment.

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Beryl said...

Gorgeous page Sassy. Really clever with all the blening.
Beryl xx (not Kelly lol)