Wednesday, 28 August 2013

So a New Start

A taste of Sassie's Summer
This year we had the opportunity to stay in a friends house while they were away. It worked really well for us because my Nan spent most of her young life until WWII intervened living in Cornwall. She was desperate to go back to Cornwall as it might be the last chance she gets ( at 91 you have to grab opportunities while you can). So the first full week saw us trundling off dog included to Falmouth.
 This picture above is a composition of photo's of my Nan from childhood right through to today. For me personally this is 'special' as there are pictures that include my Granddad who I miss dreadfully, my Great-Aunts and even me. This really came out of the picture below.
 The picture above is very simply a merging of a photo I took at St Mawes (taken with Oggy in the other hand) and a picture of Nan taken on the Pier at Falmouth, just after I took the photo, she looked at me and said quite simply "I'm 'ome maid" funny how her accent came back strongly in those few words.
 Now this is a really rare species-not often viewed far away from his habitat the man cave. This was taken at The Seal Sanctuary at Gweek. this species is best viewed in soft focus and slightly opaque. If you get the chance to visit the Sanctuary you won't  be disappointed the scenery is breath taking and there is so much to see and do. You can also follow one of the resident seals on Facebook, just look for Ray Seal.
 This is where I spoil it all. This is a picture of Nan, Sass and The Anklebiter of the male variety. I'm really struggling to master the cut out thingy but it is better than my first attempt.
This is a lovely free digikit called Totally Blue, it is  such a lovely 2 free kits by Marniejo. This kit is just perfect for the lovely summer photo's and all the lovely blue sky we've seen this year.

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Beryl said...

What lovely layouts Sassy. A gorgeous way to showcase such special family photos.
Beryl xx