Saturday, 31 August 2013

Look Away if You are At ALL Nervy!

I try so hard to be a good Granddaughter and often fail miserably - now I have to admit that last night I had to bite my tongue hard while my Nan was talking about not being able to get nice Christmas Cards for her chapel friends. I am a real Bah Humbug! don't like Christmas, in fact the first sign of Commercial Christmas brings me out in a rash. So you can imagine my absolute horror at having a discussion about Christmas cards before August is over! So I nipped over to the lovely Joanna Sheens cds and nicked this image and put into CAP - all that remains is for me to think up or find a suitable verse. So after this burst of C activity I shall nip off and see if any of the big stores have got their Easter Eggs in yet! xx

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Beryl said...

I envy you having that convesation with your Nan Sassy. Never knew any of my grandparents - so don't know what it's like having a nan. Probably half the reason I'm a rubbish nan myself. Hope your nan appreciates the time you took to make this lovely card.
Beryl xx