Friday, 20 September 2013

Back in Time

 Some more photo's from the depths of the tidy box. The photo above is of my Great Granny Wright. It must have been quite a trek in those days to go to Taunton to have a studio portrait taken and quite expensive too. We take nipping to Taunton for granted now and the journey takes about 25 minutes. The photo isn't on paper its on really thick card. She had 13 children of which my Grannie was the youngest.
The photo above is of my favourite great Auntie (although I loved them all dearly) These were taken not log after they married. I discovered that they were married at West Ham Registry office which was a surprise to me. Auntie Mabel prior to her marriage was in service, so she went from being below stairs to The Lady overnight. From being a servant to having a servant. Auntie Mabel and I shared a birthday and so she has always featured large in my life. I think these photo's of her and Uncle Bill are wonderful.

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