Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Family Album

 I love this photo above. It is my Great Aunt Bessie with my cousin Jack during the 2nd WW.
 This photo is of my Grannie with 2 of her sisters, with my Mum, her cousins and their daughters. The garden this was taken in has lots of very happy memories for me.
The above page is made up of 2 photo's. The top one of Christmas in the late 60's. I am the child sat on my Grannies lap.

I have a massive great tidy box of photo's which I am scrapbooking for my children. I am labelling who's who and where I have birth, marriage and death certificates I am tucking them into the back of the photo. I am really enjoying doing this and equally I am enjoying looking through my scrapbooks. My Nan's scrapbook is almost up to date now. So I can crack on with the other side of the family.

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