Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Exciting News

So very excited tonight. My youngest son and his partner became the very proud parents of this little chap. He was born at 6.50pm and although he gave his Mummy a hard time they are both doing well. As for my son , he is a wreck but absolutely delighted. We now have 4 beautiful Granddaughter and a rather scrummy Grandson. I can't wait until I can visit, it won't be for a few days as they have just moved into a new house and they have to get the girls ready to go back to school on Thursday so Grannie Huggles will have to hold on a day or two.

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Beryl said...

How exciting Sassy, I hope it's not too long before you get a cuddle.
Don't worry about mixing me up with Beryl K. It used to happen all the time.
Beryl xx