Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Hello Again

Thought it was time I dusted off my blog and got going again.

Lots of things have changed since my last posting. My workroom has been packed into boxes and stayed that way for quite some time. But now I have moved into my new work area in the garden and the boxes unpacked. I have had to stop doing quite a few things that I enjoy but on the plus side I have found some new challenges.

The new work Area has been christened The Witches Den and I am extremely pleased with how its doing. Its not quite there yet as my end of things, other things get in the way.

                                My lovely big store room to hide away my crafty stash (above)

Over the coming weeks you will see much more of the new workroom. I also hope that you will enjoy some of my new experiences, and crafting adventures.
Love to You


Mags said...

welcome back at last!

Anonymous said...

Found ya.............. and looking forward to more posts! :)

Sass said...

Hello Anon. Its good to see you too xxx