Monday, 10 January 2011

Oh No!!

I am just sorting through my crafty stash as a good tidy up is desparately needed. I have so much ribbon, so must NOT buy anymore no matter how desirable it is. I also ought to notify the local Fire Service that I am a fire risk (like a tyre factory) owing to the number of stamps I have (and NO I am not going to give up buying them). I must also use up some of my card stock before I buy anymore lol! Good intentions but how long will it last? My next purchase is going to have to be a Hougie Board, I had a play at New Year with my friend Mags (NannyGee) board. Having talked myself in and out of it dozens of times I am convinced that I really need one. Roll on pay day lol

Over New Year, our puppy did a disappearing act from the garden, he dug his way to freedom, we have looked high and low for him and contacted all the relevant people but sadly he hasn't shown up. It is now a week on and I am sadly coming to the realisation that he isn't going to show up now.

Oh Well back to my tidying now

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Rainbow Lady said...

Gorgeous stamp making a lovely card my friend. Thanks so much Love Cynthia x