Sunday, 27 February 2011

Roll on Summer

Roll on summer, strawberries and cream, sunshine, flowers, Devon Cream Tea, summer dresses, bright colours ....................................... Bring It On!! It is so dull and dismal I needed a boost. When browsing MCS Fab Glam 50's I came across this and it just made me feel all warm and bouncy. I could almost smell the flowers in the garden (makes a change from mud). I had some sunny yellow A5 card blanks which I folded 2 into A6 cards and used the 3rd to form a A5 gatefold card. I matted and layered the image onto a piece of starburst gold mirror card. Then I put matching backing paper onto the 'gate' sections. I have left the inside of the card bright sunshine yellow. As you can see I am delving into my ribbon stash (not bought anymore, so that New Years Revolution has been kept). I have rolls of this gorgeous tape in several different colourways (I just couldn't decide so had one of each). It just yells summer, seaside and beach huts at me.

Well I have hunted high and low for the camera cable and I just can't find it anywhere, so I may have to bite the bullet come pay day and buy a new one. I can then show you some more of my cards, the ones that won't squeeze through the scanner. That is a pain because I have seen some stamps that I would reeeeeeeeeeeaaalllllllllllllllllly like, so that would be them out the window.

I hope that this card makes you all feel a bit more opitimistic and that summer isn't so far away.

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